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Love your Children More than you Hate your Spouse

This article was a featured guest article on The Lilac Tree - Divorce Resources for Women About the Author: Dr. Leigh Neiman Weisz, PsyD, is the founder of a group practice in Northbrook, IL called Coping Partners / Children Coping Clinic. (www.CopingPartners.com) She...

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Effectively Handling Anger with Your Teenage Son

EFFECTIVELY HANDLING ANGER WITH YOUR TEENAGE SON   The teenage years are difficult for both parents and their teens. Teenagers go through a bunch of different changes, emotionally and physically, and it is hard for parents to grasp how to deal with those changes....

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WARNING: Teenage Boys Fly Under the Radar

WARNING: TEENAGE BOYS FLY UNDER THE RADAR   It’s no secret that teenage boys can be emotionally withdrawn. When you try to have a conversation with them, even if it’s about something simple like their day at school, it can feel like pulling teeth. Parents...

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The Inevitable Sibling Rivalry

The Inevitable Sibling Rivalry   Is everything in your house a competition? Are your children constantly trying to outdo one another? Sibling rivalry is a very normal thing amongst siblings, but its painful for parents nonetheless! Sibling rivalry is...

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To Give or Not to Give-How to Teach Children About Money

To Give or Not to Give-How to Teach Children About $     Allowance is apart of life that every parent must deal with at some point in his or her child’s life. When you get to that point in your child’s life and you find yourself wondering if you are helping or hurting...

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Updated Privacy Notice…

We wanted to let you know about the updated Privacy Notice. It can be found at www.copingpartners.com/privacynotice thanks! Coping Partners Team 

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