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Teenager Perspective on COVID – Silver Linings

From the desk of a teenager and sent to Coping Partners to publish: As of March 2020, CoronaVirus became a global pandemic we all know a little too well. This extended period of time has provided many hardships. However aspects of this ongoing pandemic are blessings...

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Sample Schedule for Home School during COVID-19

The Sample Schedule table is at the bottom.  This is just an example to be used as a reference, not a definitive guide. Kids thrive on routine and structure! Children need predictability to feel safe and in control during what can be (especially now) a chaotic world....

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Love your Children More than you Hate your Spouse

This article was a featured guest article on The Lilac Tree - Divorce Resources for Women About the Author: Dr. Leigh Neiman Weisz, PsyD, is the founder of a group practice in Northbrook, IL called Coping Partners / Children Coping Clinic. (www.CopingPartners.com) She...

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Effectively Handling Anger with Your Teenage Son

EFFECTIVELY HANDLING ANGER WITH YOUR TEENAGE SON   The teenage years are difficult for both parents and their teens. Teenagers go through a bunch of different changes, emotionally and physically, and it is hard for parents to grasp how to deal with those changes....

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