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The Sample Schedule table is at the bottom. 

This is just an example to be used as a reference, not a definitive guide.

Kids thrive on routine and structure! Children need predictability to feel safe and in control during what can be (especially now) a chaotic world. Despite the sudden “home school” we’ve all been thrown into, our advice at Coping Partners is to provide your children with a structure (which of course can be changed as you get into your own groove).  Example—the first day there was no school, many of us let our children stay in their pjs all day! That was fun! Now that this is their “new normal,” we recommend having them get dressed, brush teeth, as usual (perhaps with a slightly later wake up time). 

This is just a sample template (and once we learn more about academic assignments from school, this may change).  

On a positive note, let’s see if we can use this “quarantine time” to do things we all never seem to have time to do such as teach our children to do daily chores, which study after study shows is linked to success and well-being.  While they may not get as much time learning math as usual, let’s teach them how to contribute to the running of the family, and figure out what good can come of this (given we have no choice). I taught my 8 year old daughter how to do a load of laundry yesterday and she was so excited about helping and I felt like we accomplished this without being rushed to go to dance or religious school and play-dates. 

I’m also recommending allowing more electronics for socialization for the kids like face timing friends since they likely will feel isolated from their friends too (still parents should be within earshot!).

If you have questions, email your clinician https://copingpartners.com/our-clinicians/

Thanks for reading!

Leigh Weisz


Before 9 AM WAKE UP Eat breakfast, make your bed, brush teeth and get dressed
9-10 AM MORNING WALK Family walk OR yoga/dance party if raining (exercise)
10-11 AM  ACADEMIC TIME Math workbooks, reading practice (non-electronic)
11-12  CREATIVE TIME Drawing, Playing, Legos, Magnatiles (and clean up)
12:30 PM CHORE TIME Alternate chores (laundry, dishwasher, spraying down table, setting up/cleaning up after meals, emptying garbages, lysoling door handles etc.)
1-2:30 PM QUIET READING TIME Reading chapter books, puzzles or beginner reading and word sorts 
2:30-4 PM ACADEMIC TIME Freckle, Ipad learning games, etc.
4-5 PM AFTERNOON FRESH AIR Bikes/scooter, outside playing time, walking dog
8-8:30 pm BEDTIME