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Has Your Child Been Impacted By Divorce?

This touching story will help your child cope with divorce.

Kara Kangaroo’s Candy takes the topic of discussing divorce with young children from overwhelming and inaccessible, and makes it intuitive and approachable to both parents and children.

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Dr. Brewer

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Weisz has crafted a wonderful story that is very accessible for younger children and helps to explain an emotionally challenging topic in comprehensible terms.

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J.L. Trotter, Ph.D.


Get Help with Bedtime Routine! Bedtime Board for Girls: Get Your Kids to Bed Quicker!

This Bedtime Board is a helpful tool created by a licensed clinical child psychologist aimed to help young girls develop a consistent bedtime routine and make the process of going to sleep at night fun rather than a power struggle…