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From the desk of a teenager and sent to Coping Partners to publish:

As of March 2020, CoronaVirus became a global pandemic we all know a little too well.

This extended period of time has provided many hardships. However aspects of this ongoing pandemic are blessings in disguise.

There was a period of time where even socially distanced walks and hang outs were discouraged, so social interaction was at a minimum. While this was a difficult time and a hard concept to grasp for teens like myself, as well as adults, there is in fact a silver lining.

Due to lack of social gatherings and in person interactions, a common realization came about. People realized that the day to day interactions we had with others were something we took for granted. We didn’t realize how much we needed that smile from a stranger walking down the street, the countless laughs we shared with our best friends, that good morning hug as we entered school, or even that shoulder to lean on when we were feeling tired.

Being quarantined away from friends is hard to get used to, but as regulations eased up and hangouts with masks became more appropriate, people began to realize how grateful they were for their friends. They began to realize how thankful they were for the small things and how much they needed it in their day to day lives.

Dealing with this ongoing pandemic is the last thing we all want to do, yet it helps us realize and understand how many things we take for granted. Once that realization hits, people begin to enjoy what they have so much more and are more thankful for the small things everyday. If looked at the right way, this pandemic can teach us to appreciate everything around us and help us to enjoy life in a much fuller way than before.