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Are you pulling your hair out because your child refuses to go to school every morning? For some parents, getting their child off to school every morning is really a struggle. A great way to conquer this daily battle is by helping your child to see that going to school is his or her responsibility, just like it is mom and dad’s responsibility to go to work every morning. Comparing your child’s responsibility with your own daily responsibility will give them their own sense of importance.


Having a routine is also very helpful for getting your child off to school on time. If you have a routine in place, then your child will know exactly what he or she has to do in the morning and there won’t be as much fussing. Laying clothes out the night before, getting your child up at the same time each day, and having a list of everything your child needs to take to school are great things to include in an everyday routine.

Routine goes hand in hand with motivation. If you want your child to get through the morning routine without fighting you on going to school, then you should offer a reward as an incentive for good behavior. An extra ten minutes of TV, a little more time on the iPad, or playing outside for a little longer than usual are all wonderful extrinsic motivators for your children.

With a little bit of motivation, there will be significantly less fighting in your house every morning.41gtLiEuNdL._SY300_.jpg


However, if you get the feeling that your child is fighting you on going to school for a reason, then it would be wise to ask your child or consult with your child’s teacher to see if there is an issue that needs to be explored such as struggling with mathematics or a friend is teasing them.