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Rituals and routines for you and your family

Rituals and routines are both really important in helping to structure our family lives and our children’s lives.  Children need predictability, routine, and structure to feel safe, calm, and in control in an otherwise chaotic world.  Did you know that children in families with regular chores, mealtimes and bedtimes have been shown to have better health?
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 Here are 3 tips to implement more routines into your family:
1.  Help your children get in the habit of laying out their clothing the night before.
2. Have your children put their homework in their backpacks to ease the morning transition before school.
 3.    As a family, “unplug” from Electronics!
Impose some quiet time on children prior to the bedtime routine—a time in which they need to “unplug” from all their electronics, inviting boredom which then allows children to reflect or use their imagination in their play.  All too often kids are playing with video games or on the computer, but not really engaging in the kind of play that helps them naturally explore and master their environments and that helps with development.

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